Summer Leadership camp

The right balance of fun and prep

With so many summer programs for high school students to choose from, making a decision about summer camps and campus residencies can be a daunting task.

It may help to know what matters to college admissions committees when evaluating your summer activities in the context of your overall high school career.

Admissions boards expect students to use summer vacation as a means to deepen and enhance the academic and extracurricular commitments they made during the school year.

Therefore, in addition to some well-deserved fun, summer break should include  a blend of college prep activities, such as:

  • ACT and SAT Test Prep
  • AP Course Preview and Subject Test Preparation
  • College Essay Writing Workshop
  • Leadership and Teambuilding Training
  • Creative Expression
  • Athletic Development

With this in mind, we created our overnight summer camp.  Held in either Big Bear or Los Angeles, our eight-day, seven-night residential leadership program allows students to engage in activities that check all the boxes above in a fun and empowering environment.

When students graduate from our leadership camp, they have an action plan for maximizing the rest of the summer and the upcoming academic year.

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Summer Leadership Camp