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We Transform Girl Power Into Super Power!

Not Your Typical College Prep Agency 

After decades of leading successful college prep programs for NASA, Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Department of Education, we at College Prep For Girls know the “one size fits all” approach to college preparation does not work. Why?
Girls and boys are different. And that’s a good thing! Research shows girls have two operating systems – linear and holistic. When we fully utilize our dual engines, we manifest something pretty great – Girl Power.

Harnessing Girl Power

In addition to preparing girls to ace the SAT and ACT and write unforgettable essays, we teach them to utilize critical thinking skills and a growth mindset in order to attract and hold the attention of admissions officers at great colleges and universities. 

Transforming Girl Power Into Super Power  

College Prep for Girls does so much more than help students get into elite colleges. We also guide them in using their girl power as a super power to excel in college and create successful careers and lives on their own terms. 
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The college essay provides a student with an opportunity to show admissions committees she is more than a high GPA and 99th percentile SAT scores.  Our writing instructors guide you through every step of storytelling to transform a good but easy to forget essay into a great and lasting first impression.


Our admissions consultants position students to showcase strengths, improve problem areas, and execute strategies that get them into college, help them thrive in college, and launch successful careers after college.


Even though females lead on a global stage, studies show K-12 girls are hesitant to raise their hands, lift their voices, and take charge. In the leadership academy, our coaches empower girls with tools, methodology, education and confidence to lead boldly, creatively and confidently.


We offer personalized test prep – small group and individual – to banish test-taking anxiety, develop subject mastery, increase scores, and build life skills students continue to use long after they take their last standardized test.


Intake Interview

We sit down with the entire family to get a clear and in-depth understanding of the student’s aspirations, potential, goals, strengths, challenges and talents.


In addition to practice standardized tests, students will complete fun evaluations that assess writing style, creativity, teamwork ability  and leadership preferences.


The intake interview, evaluations and student preferences  create a comprehensive roadmap that guides the student through every step of college prep.


Based on the needs of the student, a team comprised of a strategist, lead coach, and test prep and writing instructors will  oversee the college preparation process.

College Admissions Consulting and Leadership Academy also include:

Growth Mindset

linear and holistic methodologies create a comprehensive approach to growth orientation and achievement

Conflict Resolution

negotiation, collaboration and conflict resolution skills empower and protect in difficult situations

Time Management

pomodoro technique and other management tools reduce stress and guarantee time for work and play

Mission Statement

students’ personalized mission statements and affirmations highlight values, goals, talents and purpose

Is College Prep For Girls For You? 

Are you eager to increase your chances of getting into a great school?

Do you want to be a better leader in the classroom, on the basketball court or in the community?

Would you like to master strategies that decrease stress levels while increasing ACT and SAT scores?

Could you use some feedback on your college essays?

Admissions Consulting Options


Students who do well in science, technology, engineering and/or math can use their talents to get into both research universities and liberal arts colleges.  Our S.T.E.M. package positions students to stand out as the next breed of innovators.


Our Humanities track provides students with many options for earning acceptance into the nation’s top research universities and liberal arts colleges.  We help you assemble an application package that gets the attention of admissions officers.


You have honed your craft for years.  Now it’s time to use your gift at the next level.  Your team of arts education specialists will ensure your samples and other audition materials align perfectly with your applications and essays.  You will shine.


You are at the top of your game, and you know the right coach, team and program could lead to a professional career.  However, you know the odds, so we make sure your application demonstrates your ability to win as both a student and an athlete.


Your first business was a lemonade stand, and you have been killing it ever since.  We harness the visionary in your and showcase your long term potential in manner that compels the admission committee to invest in your with an offer of admission.


Your heart and focus are on making the world a little better than you found it.  Since non-profit organizations are business corporations, your application and essays will showcase to admissions officers your ability to influence both business and philanthropy.

About Us: For Girls By Girls

My name is Reet Alexander and 20 years of experience overseeing college preparation, leadership, internship, and mentorship programs for large organizations prepared me to help students navigate life before, during and after college.

I know what it takes to get into a great college, succeed in college, and thrive in the career of your choice after college. 

And so does my tribe.

I lead an accomplished and diverse team of conscious consultants, strategists, coaches, instructors and writers who graduated from the nation’s best colleges.  We know how to ignite the super power in each girl we lift up on our shoulders to propel her into her destiny.

Let me and my tribe of women leaders guide your daughter through a unique college, career and life preparation process that celebrates who she is and who she will become.

Great Leaders Are Not Born.  They Are Grown. Join The Leadership Academy.

Competitive colleges and universities seek students who lead inside and outside the classroom.  Our leadership academy for 9th-11th grade girls develops confidence, a growth mindset, a collaboration toolkit, and diverse leadership skills that prepare and empower students to influence on a local, national and global stage.

Our leadership academy hosts a summer boot camp for rising high school freshman that includes enrichment, test prep, leadership training, and a preview of Advanced Placement (AP) courses typically offered to first year students.

The full year leadership academy utilizes a curriculum that cultivates a growth mindset and establishes key foundational systems in students grade by grade (9th – 12th grades).

To learn more about the Leadership Academy, please call (310.774.0351) or email (support@collegeprepforgirls.com) us.

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