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Summer can be the perfect time to get ahead in the college admissions process.  To maximize summer vacation, students should draft college entrance essays, deepen their volunteer work with charities, and make sure their extracurricular activities align with and support their college aspirations. All work and no play? Don’t worry. If students use time management tools like the Pomodoro Technique, they will have time for both work and play.

With summer coming soon — the good news, students and student-athletes will be going on vacation getting a much needed break from school and other activities. Others will spend the summer working, and some will be attending summer school or taking online-college courses to stay on track or get ahead.


The great news, those transitioning from grade 9 to 10 have accomplished a great deal on and off the field, so congratulations!


So after the vacation and summer classes or part-time jobs, the last thing kids and parents are interested in right now is preparing for and paying for college.


For many, college admissions or selecting one school over another seem a few years out. But it’s never too early to start planning. With the national student-loan debt exceeding $1.2 trillion, most families are wondering how can they afford it and how much debt will their child be saddled with once they graduate from college.

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