College Counseling in Los Angeles

Truth or hype? Students scouring the web for information on the college admissions process often find a bit of both. How do you discern fact from fiction? Remember one of the primary rules of research: always vet your sources.  Look for consistencies and inconsistencies on the websites you compare and contrast.  In addition, don’t hesitate to seek out a college admissions expert to help you navigate your way through a complicated and layered process that changes slightly from year to year.

March is madness for high school seniors. Each year, seniors mark March as the final month in the agonizing wait for college decisions. Early application timelines mean the admission process is blessedly over for some. But many still wait, even as stakes soar and odds seem to dwindle. UNC-Chapel Hill, for example, received nearly 45,000 first-year applications this year, the 14th consecutive year of record numbers. Is it harder and harder to get into college?

Hold for more jaw-dropping statistics: UCLA, the nation’s most popular university, just reported more than 135,000 freshman and transfer applications; NYU received more than 84,000 first-year applications. DukeDartmouthYaleTufts, and Brown announced record applicant numbers. Admit rates at elite institutions are falling, even as perceptions grow that a college degree is a baseline prerequisite for future economic viability.  

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