This is wrong on so many levels.  Why are ICE agents running and promoting fake colleges?  Why aren’t there more safeguards in place to prevent these destructive systems from even existing?

US policies are really invested in bringing in international students but not retaining international employees – and American colleges capitalise on this in any way they can. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the US is currently detaining 129 Indian students for participating in a “pay to stay” scheme. The students were all enrolled in a university that didn’t have classes, professors or a curriculum of any kind. So, they were on student visas but had enough time to work full time in the country. The “college” – University of Farmington – was a fake one, actually being run by ICE agents who hired recruiters, set up a website and even went to the trouble of having their fake college included in the list of officially accredited institutions in the US.  The Indians in question are accused of knowingly committing visa fraud, but the country’s government has defended them saying they got caught in a scam.  Depending on the interpretation, the Indians were either knowingly gaming the system and deserved what they got or they should have known this whole college deal was too good to be above board.


But being an international student in the US is much more complicated than that.

Being a domestic or international student in the US should never be complicated.  Loopholes and broken systems in the education system need to be addressed so that young people are not compromised and scarred – or ruined – for life.

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