Time provides tried and true linear approaches for getting the career and salary you want in 2019. As you may have predicted, goal setting makes the list. The twist? Add reflection.

MONEY asked career and HR experts for the best ways to get a new job or kick a career into the next gear, and for the best resources to take yourself up a rung — or a few — on the corporate ladder. Here are some of the top-recommended books if you’re focusing on how to make more money in 2019. “I often prescribe an annual professional review for folks who want to take their careers to the next level,” says Mel Hennigan, vice president of people at technology company Symplicity Corporation. “Sitting down once a year to review the prior year and set goals for the next year can be a powerful springboard for the driven professional.”

I don’t believe the list goes far enough. I would have liked to have seen more holistic approaches to career and income satisfaction.  What about you?  Are there additional tips you would have expected to make the cut?

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