Post and Courier highlights the importance of early education and child care and the necessity of making both of these building blocks affordable to working parents.  The poll numbers conclude this is not a partisan issue.  Independents, Republicans and Democrats are in agreement that we must invest in early childhood education if we are serious about strengthening the overall foundation of our education system.

Since the educational process is like building a brick house — each piece builds on the one that came before — at some point American leaders will have to also heighten attention to the earliest bricks if they want the strongest house.  The American public understands this intuitively, and the importance of early childhood is the unusual topic that merits equal interest and support from across the spectrum of politics. In a 2017 bipartisan poll, 82 percent of Republicans, 85 percent of independents, and 97 percent of Democrats said that “making early education and child care more affordable for working parents to give children a strong start” is important for the United States.

Early education and child care are line items within our state and federal budgets.  We can choose to fund them fully or we can continue to allow the deficits to show up in our schools, homes and communities.  As citizens, let us call on our representatives to commit to making sure that early education and child care are protected budget items that are fully funded year after year for all our kids.

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