Fin24 shares data that mirrors what female leaders have been stating for quite some time: women in senior leadership positions deliver the goods.

In a study of its $23bn global lending portfolio, Calvert determined that companies with the most women in senior leadership positions – the people who report directly to the CEO – delivered double the average annual return on equity over the last 11 years compared with the companies with the fewest.


Calvert saw better performance when women comprised anywhere between 33 and 75% of the leadership, she said. Firms with the fewest women in senior management – 20% or less – returned on average 4.4.% per year. Those with the most – more than 57% women – returned 8.6%.


The number of female directors seemed to matter less. Firms with the fewest women in board seats posted average annual returns 1.7%age points less than those with the most.

What remains to be seen is whether or not Calvert’s findings – along with other studies that have rendered similar conclusions – will encourage more investors to support companies that add a significant number of women to their senior leadership teams.

The full story can be accessed at Fin24.com.